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Unlocking Success: Top Outsystems Interview Questions

Outsystems interview questions discover the most relevant and expert tips to ace your next interview. Get insights on key topics and strategies for a successful Outsystems career. These mock interview questions would help each and every individuals.

Ousystems Interview questions
  • What is Reactive Web Application in the Outsystem?
  • What are the poperties of Reactive Web Application?
  • How Reactive Web Application works?
  • What is Modular Programming ?
  • How to create Reactive Web Module in the Outsystem?
  • How to create Database Entities in the Reactive Web Application?
  • Describe how to Bootstrap an entity and its data from an excel file.
  • What is static entity? 
  • What is screen?
  • What are the Widgets?
  • List the different wigets in the Reactive Web.
  • What is Aggregates? And explain the properties of the Aggregates.
  • How to fetch the data in an aggregates?
  • What are the different widgets  available in the Reactive Web?
  • Explain the List and Table widget.
  • Explain One to many,One to One and Many to Many relationship in the reactive web.
  • How to create uniqie index in an entity? Explain the Delete Rules on the forein key.
  • Explian the concept of Built-in form validation and Custom form validation.
  • Explain the concept of Authorization and Authentication concept. Explain how to control Authorization on the screen. How to grant role to a user?
Designer 1

  • Explain reactive web debugging. What is calculated attributes in the Aggregates?
  • Explain the concept of Blocks and Events in the Reactive Web. What is client variable in Reactive Web?
  • What are site properties? Explain the pagination concept in detail. Explain the ue of SQL widget.
  • What happens when a developer publishes a module?
  • Elements can be exposed and reused, but only within the same reactive application, True or false?
  • Entities in reactive application are exactly same concept as traditional web app, true or false?
  • If an Entity Attribute named HouseNumber is created,
  • what Data Type will it be auto assigned RetriveCustomer is a auto generated entity action for Customer entity, true or false?
  • In reactive applications client actions can call server actions, True or false?
  • Can an exception handler flow intersect other action flows
  • Which  property a Form has a  that will hold the values submitted by the user is valid or not The Checkbox or Switch Widgets are bound to a variable of which type
  • How is OutSystems different than other coding platforms?
  • Provide your opinion. Security in OutSystems What are indexes in OutSystems?
  • Have you designed any database? How to design database?
  • What all factors needs to be taken into consideration while designing DB?
  • What are constraints?
  • Where you can use constraints in DB?
  • If there is one entity having 10 attributes, but I want to fetch only 1 attribute.
  • What is the best approach to fetch single attributes from DB?
  • Have you consumed and exposed API? Which type of API do you prefer? REST or SOAP?
  • Why do you prefer REST API?
  • Which events can we used in consumed API?

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