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Updated August 10, 2023

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weblogic training

weblogic training

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WebLogic  Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Weblogic

Overview of Web application, Application Domain, URL and Request Flow

JDK and Weblogic Installation

  • Overview of Java, JRE, JVM and JDK
  • Compatibility, Prerequisites, OS packages and dependencies for various Operating

Weblogic Domain

  • Weblogic Directory Structure
  • Creation of Domain and understand the domain and other components
  • Creation of a Topology and configuration – contains Machines, Managed Servers,
    Node Managers
  • Overview of Admin Console
  • Domain Configuration
  • Differences between types of domains
  • Server Configuration
  • Machine Configuration
  • Node Manager Configuration
  • Importance of Node Manager with various scenarios

Web Application and Enterprise Applications

  • Application Types – WAR, EAR and JAR and differences
  • Application Deployment Modes
  • Application Deployments Types

Admin console

Command line



Domain Expansion – spanning across multiple machines (distributed environment

  • Adding Machines, Managed Servers and Cluster Members to the Domain

High Availability

  • Clustering
  • Types of clusters – Hands on distributed environment for high availability
  • Application Deployment on Cluster and testing multiple scenarios

Overview on OHS – Oracle HTTP Server

  • Installation of OHS
  • Configuration of OHS components
  • Integration of OHS and Weblogic servers
  • Integration of OHS and Vertical/Horizontal Clusters

JDBC Data Source

  • Overview of JDBC, JNDI, Connection Pool, Data Source and Database
  • Types of Data Sources
  • Configuration of JDBC Data Source
  • Real time connection to the Database from Weblogic Server


  • Users and groups
  • Domain password change and lost password recovery
  • Securing the environment

SSL – Security Socket Layer

  • Overview of keys, keystores, certificate types and formats
  • SSL Handshake
  • Creating CSR – various methods
  • Creating and configuring keystores, keys and CA Certificates
  • Creating and configuring – Self-signed Certificates
  • Configuring CA/Self-signed certificates on Admin and managed servers

Overview on WLST – weblogic scripting tool

  • Performance Tuning
  • JVM performance monitoring
  • JVM performance metrics collection
  • JVM Performance Tuning

Issues and Troubleshooting

  • 404, 500, application inaccessible, application slowness, etc and resolution
  • Deployment Issues and resolution
  • JDBC connectivity issues and resolution

Patch Updates

  • Overview on Weblogic/Fusion Middleware Patch Updates
  • Real Time – Patch Updates on Environment


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weblogic training
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