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Updated September 11, 2023

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Master Oracle Flexcube course online with Golive Classes. We provide the best Oracle Flexcube course online in Hyderabad and other states in India.

oracle fluxcube training

oracle flexcube training

Oracle Flexcube Online Training Course Content

Oracle FLEXCUBE Architecture

  • Describe Oracle FLEXCUBE’s technical architecture
  • Explain deployment options

Oracle FLEXCUBE Object Naming Conventions

  • Explain naming conventions
  • Describe coding standards and Processes

FLEXCUBE Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Describe hardware requirements
  • Describe software requirements

Oracle FLEXCUBE Installation using installer

  • Setup a Database Server
  • Setup an Application Server
  • Setup a Client Machine

Oracle FLEXCUBE Implementation

  • Perform environment management
  • Perform release management
  • Apply Source Control using the Version Control System
  • Use parameterization sheets
  • Use the migration template, approach and scripts
  • Apply debugging techniques
  • Deploy fixes and new releases

Migration Approach

  • Setup a migration approach

Extensibility Feature

  • Customize the database side
  • Perform release management
  • Use FLEXCUBE RAD/MICON (Management and Integration Console Tool)
  • Customize source maintenance in the version control system and deploy on top of the kernel and cluster sources

Oracle FLEXCUBE Gateway server for Interface

  • Explain Outbound Integration Architecture
  • Explain Inbound Integration Architecture
  • Generate an ASCII file and upload
  • Map Gateway objects for the core and training modules


  • Gather requirements for reports
  • Develop reports
  • Use the OBIEE tool and universe to write reports
  • Describe key database object/entities for key tables of core and modules


  • Gather requirements for interfaces
  • Develop Interfaces

Support Process

  • Use Implementation Support (i-assist portal)
  • Use Global Support (i-support portal)

Process Workflow (BPEL)

  • Set-up the Process Workflow in Oracle FLEXCUBE
  • Develop the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) Integration with Oracle FLEXCUBE

Enterprise Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM)

  • Set-up the Enterprise Limit and Collateral Management (ELCM) Application
  • Develop the ELCM Application integration with Oracle FLEXCUBE

Switch Gateway (ATM and POS)

  • Set-up the Switch Gateway.
  • Develop the Switch Gateway Interface with Oracle FLEXCUBE to support ATM and POS Interfaces.
  • Describe different transaction supports in the Gateway Switch
  • Set-up the ATM / POS Simulator with Switch Gateway

Electronic Messaging System (EMS)

  • Set-up the Electronic Messaging System Application
  • Develop the integration of the Electronic Messaging System Application with Swift Alliance Gateway, Mail Server and Mobile SMS Notification
  • Use message delivery type options in EMS
  • Explain the Possible Duplicate Emission (PDE) check in SWIFT Messages

Performance Tuning

  • Describe the Tools and Techniques for Performance Tuning (Trace/TkProf/AWR/Explain Plan)
  • Set-up the Data Purging in Oracle FLEXCUBE.


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Oracle Flexcube
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