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The Artificial Intelligence course is designed to ensure that you learn & master the concepts of Marketing techniques in the Automation field and pass the certification exam on your first try. Our training will help you learn how to administer and master in the Google cloud platform. The practical hands-on learning approach followed in the course will ensure you get job-ready by the end of it.

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Updated June 12, 2023

About Course

We at Golive classes provide world-class Artificial Intelligence course Online Training.

AI Online Training Course from GoLive Classes is one of the popular courses and is recognized by top IT companies across the world. In this AI course, you will learn the skills to become a successful AI engineer. Throughout this AI training, our trainers will guide you to get in-depth knowledge in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), CNN Perceptron concepts, Libraries in Deep learning, Deep learning GPU, transfer learning, Tensor flow and code, graph visualizations, backpropagation, and many more through real-world projects, real-time examples, and interactive training.

We had chosen our trainers from various top IT MNCs who have very strong subject knowledge and experience. Our trainers will deliver excellent quality training and will help you to prepare and to clear the Professional Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence Exam easily. Our expert mentors will support you in crashing the certification exam by teaching you the ins and outs of the exam. After successful completion of AI Online training, you may be able to get placed and posted as a successful AI professional.

  • Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.
  • You will be able to add AI Engineer to your CV
  • Become an Artificial Intelligence Engineer Scientist.
  • Support & provide a solution for clients.
  • Learn to implement.
  • You’ll learn how to design.
  • Prototype your designs with interactions.
  • All the techniques used by Artificial Intelligence Engineer
What is the course is all about?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular tools that companies are looking to implement in their organization to streamline their work. So, having Artificial Intelligence Online Training will enable you to have the right knowledge and get the best job in some of the biggest companies and earn a great deal of money.
Artificial Intelligence Online Training Course is designed for all AI learners and the major topics focused on are Python for Data Science, NLP & Speech Recognition, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning Tensorflow, Machine Learning with R, and there are many more to list. Completion of online Artificial Intelligence course training, you can work in various domains like healthcare, technology, retail, energy & utilities, finance, and banking.

Why should you learn this course?

An entry-level AI professional in India gains an average salary of INR 6 lacs whereas the middle and senior-level executives gain more than 50 lacs. The average salary of an AI Professional in India earns around 14.3 lacs INR/annum. Get used to this highly paid and popular AI Online training Course and get placed with leading IT giants.

What are the training Objectives of AI training?

The objective of the Artificial Intelligence Online Course is to make sure that the students are well aware of the whole AI procedures. The Artificial Intelligence Certification Online Training is designed to ensure that the students who want to learn AI gets proper knowledge and also get placed in big companies where they can earn well.

Who should learn in this AI training?

AI Training is a basic one to start your career in emerging & one of the demanding technology in the market. This training will be suitable for,

Fresh Graduates
College / School Students
Job Seekers
Who wants to learn more on the practical applications
Anyone wants to know how the industry is migrating to the new technology

What are the prerequisites to learn this course

Basic knowledge of statistics and fundamentals of Python programming is required to learn Artificial Intelligence. The following job roles will get benefited by taking up this course:

Robotics engineers
Data scientists
Business analysts
Hadoop developers

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence
  • 24/7 Availability. Machines don’t require frequent breaks and refreshments as like human beings. …
  • Day to Day Application.
  • Digital Assistance.
  • Handling Repetitive Jobs.
  • Medical Applications.
  • Hazardous Exploration.
  • Reduction of Error.

In this Artificial Intelligence Online Training, you will learn in-depth syllabus of the Artificial Intelligence Course which has an Introduction to Python, Data types in python, Loops, and expression in python, Load and export files in python,user-defined function in python, Exception handling in python, Working pandas in python, Data Science, Machine Learning. Our Artificial Intelligence Online Course syllabus is designed to learn Artificial Intelligence Course with practicals.

Why GoliveClasess?

1.We provide training along with Real-time concepts with case studies
2.Project Explanation
3.Interview Questions
4.Resume preparation
5.Technical Assistance even after Course Completion
6.Career Guidance
7.life time video recordings Acess
8.The assistance provides in consulting and placement
9.Other courses will be provided with free of cost

Course Curriculum:

Session 1: Introduction of python
  • Why do we need Python?
  • Program structure
  • Execution steps
  • Interactive Shell
  • Executable or script files
  • User Interface or IDE
Session 2: Datatypes in python
  • Memory management and Garbage collections
  • Object creation and deletion
  • Object properties
  • Data Types and Operations
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Other Core Types
Session 3: Loops and expression in python
  • Statements and Syntax
  • Assignments, Expressions, and prints
  • If tests and Syntax Rules
  • While and For Loops
  • Iterations and Comprehensions
Session 4: Load and export files in python
  • File Operations
  • Opening a file
  • Using Files
  • Find and replace
Session 5: user-defined function in python
  • Functions
  • Function definition and call
  • Function Scope
  • Arguments
  • Function Objects
  • Anonymous Functions
Session 6: Exception handling in python
  • Exception Handling
  • Default Exception Handler
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Raise an exception
  • User-defined exception
Session 7: Working pandas in python
  • Advanced Concepts
  • Pandas Section
  • þy P y t h o n P a n d a s I n t r o d u c t i o n
  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • þy P y t h o n P a n d a s S e r i e s
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s D a t a F r a m e
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s B a s i c F u n c t i o n a l i t y
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s D e s c r i p t i v e S t a t i s t i c s
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s I n d e x i n g a n d S e l e c t i n g
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s F u n c t i o n A p p l i c a t i o n
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s R e i n d e x i n g
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s I t e r a t i o n
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s S o r t i n g
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s W o r k i n g w i t h T e x t D a t a
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s O p t i o n s a n d C u s t o m i z a t
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s M i s s i n g D a t a
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s G r o u p B y
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s M e r g i n g / J o i n i n g
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s C o n c a t e n a t i o n
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s I O T o o l s
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s C o m p a r i s o n w i t h S Q L
  • by P y t h o n P a n d a s D a t e s C o n v e r s i o n
Session 8: Data science
  • Data Science and AI
    All the topics in data science will covered with following concept: Mathematics beside of each model
  • Which scenario we want to use particular algorithm
  • How to apply it in tool
  • Inferential thing of each model
  • Difference between each model
  • Introduction to Machine Learning & Predictive Modelling
  • Major Classes of Learning Algorithms -Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning
  • Standard Deviation
  • Variance
  • Concept of hypothesis testing
  • T-test
  • Chi-square
  • Anova
  • Correlation
  • Probability
  • Outliers
  • Drop highly correlated features
Machine Learning By Supervised Learning Classification
  • Support vector machines classifier
  • Naïve Bayes
  • Nearest Neighbour
  • Logistic Classification
  • Decision tree Classifier
  • Random forest classifier
Supervised learning -Regression
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Regression
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Exponential Regression
  • Decision tree Regression
  • Random forest Regression
  • Feature selection using regression
Unsupervised Learning -Clustering
  • K means clustering
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Ensemble method Techniques
Introduction to Natural Language Processing Pre-processing Text
  • Get Synonyms from words
  • Bag of Words
  • Remove Punctuation
  • Remove Stop Words
  • Replace Characters
  • Stemming Words
  • Lemmatization with Python
  • Gender finder
  • Strip Whitespace
  • Tokenize Text
  • speech tagging
  • Sentence Segmentation
  • Convert Text to Speech in PythonDeep Learning

A subset of ML, Deep Learning (DL) is re-branding of neural networks- a class of models inspired by biological neurons in our brain.
Overview of the neural network, ANN

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